AVC partnered with BRAC to promote dietary diversity and address under-nutrition and malnutrition in the Southern Delta. BRAC’s Seed and Agro Enterprise (SAE) is in the initial stage of the grant and has developed a training manual and nutrition guidelines for planned trainings with 1,000 farmers. SAE is also working to develop a video documentary on nutrition to show at the community level to change nutritional uptake behavior of targeted community.

AVC is also catalyzing improved commercial marketing efforts for ‘safe’ vegetables in regional markets, which will have a positive impact on nutrition. AVC’s safe vegetable efforts will initially target urban middle class as a way to align consumer demand and value chain incentives to ensure on-going production of safer and more nutritious crops. As AVC learns compelling messaging and marketing tactics from the urban intervention, it will also feed relevant lessons into its regional pilot efforts. By empowering consumers to demand safer foods and facilitating the emergence of a market for safe vegetables brands, AVC hopes to improve access to safe foods for all consumers across the Southern Delta, limiting exposure to harmful chemicals and diseases, and increasing consumption of essential micro-nutrients that are required in a well-rounded diet.