AVC re-launched its gender strategy to conduct an assessment of systemic opportunities and constraints and further expand the project’s work in gender. Women’s primary concerns are the general inefficiencies in the market system. AVC realized that stronger market systems will naturally draw in greater participation, and much of AVC’s work on gender integration will be related to integrating gender sensitivity into systemic market change interventions. As such, AVC took efforts to demonstrate and provide opportunities for interactive discussions with relevant stakeholders in selected value chains. Through four gender stakeholders’ meetings, one each for flowers, natural fiber, mango and vegetables, AVC succeeded in understanding the pathway on how to proceed with potential gender-sensitive interventions as well as potential challenges, areas of general inefficiencies and existing immaturities in the market system. The second aspect of AVC’s gender approach is to engage more directly in supporting women-owned businesses and addressing key challenges that affect women disproportionately to break down cultural norms and biases that limit women in terms of the roles they can play or access to key services/networks/markets that they need. AVC encourages women business owners to submit concept notes through the BAA process to access support in growing their businesses.

Study Report on Financial Flow System