All agricultural practices introduced to AVC farmers are designed to be environmentally safe and reduce the impact of farming techniques on climate change. AVC is catalyzing pull incentives that encourage all firms along the value chain to incorporate climate change and environmental considerations into their production and processing practices by promoting the economic benefits of using these practices. AVC is assisting private sector firms to work with mango farmers to reduce pesticide spray frequency, and results are showing that these farmers have reduced spray by half compared to last year’s application methods. Environmentally safe techniques are also being promoted for post-harvest management including hot water treatment. This technique is lower cost and reduces input costs of the famers while simultaneously providing safe mango preservation without any chemical preservatives that are harmful to the environment and damaging to consumer health.


ONE PAGER: Enabling Policy Environment for Safe Mango Marketing
ONE PAGER: Integrated Pest Management
ONE PAGER: Introduction of Bio-fertilizer (Inoculum)